March 14th, 2016 by

In the world we live, things move fast
What once was first, now is last
Databases, are the next frontier
Just long time storage? That was yesteryear

Data drives, our every move
From traffic guides, to the clothes we choose
You need it fast, and need it now
It’s got to move, some way some how

MemSQL Streaming Database and Datawarehouse

So let me tell, of the newest way
To store your info, without delay
MemSQL, will do the trick
It brings performance up, many ticks

Scalable, and real-time ops
You get what you need, it really pops
Calculate, from the latest stats
You’ve never made, decisions so fast

MemSQL, it’s the newest craze
Leaving other db’s, in a daze
Get currentĀ numbers, and analyze
Its efficiency, lets your data drive

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