What is SlapStart? <top>
SlapStart features tech start-ups. Most typically these are websites but we also review mobile apps and occasional desktop applications. Our goal is to write the most creative and compelling review a site will ever receive. SlapStart reviews are intended to be both memorable and accurately represent the product. We liken them to Super Bowl commercials. They’re promotional in nature but everyone watches them since they’re creative. The sites we feature are by selection only. If you’d like your site to be considered inquire within.

How much do SlapStart reviews cost? <top>
This FTC mandate requires us to disclose that we sometimes charge for online reviews.

What information do we need from featured sites to begin a review? <top>
At a minimum, nothing. We write the majority of reviews based upon the information we find on the site. Optionally, some clients provide us press releases, business plans, and other information that isn’t readily available on the site.

Can sites select keywords to be included in the article? <top>
After two years of writing articles we made the decision to no longer allow sites to select keywords. Instead we decided to write articles by humans, for humans. Further, we greatly enjoy referencing multiple sites throughout the web along with the featured site. This keeps our articles both informative and interesting. We write articles for people, not nebulous SEO wardens that lurk in the dark corners of the web.

What’s your Google Page Rank? <top>

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Can start-up teams help articles go viral? <top>
Yes! We noticed some articles gain much more traffic over time than others. Top articles reach thousands of views, while many remain in the hundreds. We attempt to write the best review a site will ever receive, but we also want to do everything we can to ensure interested readers find them. Here are ways teams can increase readership of their featured article.

  • Have the team submit, like, share, and upvote the article on the major social networks. Buttons are on the article page.
  • Post a link back to the article on a blog, press, or home page. SlapStart articles contain many memorable quotes which can be posted with a link. SlapStart badges are available as well. Links help direct readers to the featured article, and tell Google to keep sending like minded people over time.

These are actually great ways to maximize exposure for all reviews a site receives.

Can site owners copy or repost the article in its entirety? <top>
Absolutely. Please reference SlapStart in some way- bonus points if you include a link. We love seeing our content around the web.

We noticed you have the same name as the person who’s ascribed with coining the term, “Spyware.” Are you him? <top>
Nope. He can be found here. There was also someone in my High School with the same name. He always got busted and I would be called in and lectured by the Vice Principal until I could convince them that they had the wrong guy. The defense, “It wasn’t me, I swear!!” never really holds much water.

How many people write for SlapStart? <top>
We’ve had a handful of writers since our May 2009 launch. Typically we have a few main writers with an occasional guest writer.