What is SlapStart? <top>
SlapStart hosts the best and most creative startup reviews on the internet. Our reviews are both memorable and accurate representations of the featured startup. We liken them to Super Bowl commercials. They’re promotional in nature but everyone watches them since they’re creative and fun. Poetic features are posted every Wednesday.

We also provide conversion driven marketing services tech companies need to succeed including Landing Page Creation and Copywriting. Check out our About Page and Marketing Services Page for more information on SlapStart’s history and the services we offer.

How much do SlapStart reviews cost? <top>
Features on SlapStart are free, by selection only. Historically we offered sponsored posts, but don’t currently. We love receiving your best pitches here.

If you are featured, sharing the article on your social networks is the best repayment for our efforts. It’s also mutually beneficial, even if it’s not 100% in line with your marketing messaging. Our readers don’t want to read an advertisement from your marketing department. Our features are creative and sometimes opinionated. Some sites are too sensitive for this. If you don’t want to share a SlapStart review to your following, don’t request it. It’s fine if you disagree with what we wrote when sharing. Maybe it’s even better since it starts a conversation. In all cases though, we’re on your side and want you to win. Sharing and linking back to your reviews helps you.

Can I hire SlapStart to help with my marketing efforts? <top>
Yes! SlapStart’s creativity and attention to detail is available for hire. We have a team of marketing specialists ready to drive targeted traffic to your website. We specialize in Landing Page Creation and Copywriting. Learn how we can build you marketing campaigns which are proven to get results here.

What information do we need from featured sites to begin a review? <top>
At a minimum nothing. We write the majority of reviews based on information found on your site. Optionally some clients provide us press releases, highlights, and other news that isn’t readily available.

Can sites select keywords to be included in the article? <top>
Early on we made the decision to no longer allow sites to select keywords. Instead we write articles by humans, for humans. We’d much rather have shareable content than something only a search engine would like. We DO make every attempt to draw from the language on your site when crafting reviews. But unduly catering to the nebulous SEO wardens that lurk in the dark corners of the web is the leading cause for mediocre content. Our reviews will naturally describe your site and search engines are well adept at leading interested people there. They will send more traffic if our articles have broader exposure.

What’s your Google Page Rank? <top>

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Can start-up teams help articles go viral? <top>
Yes! We noticed some articles gain much more traffic over time than others. Top articles reach over ten thousand views. We attempt to write the best review a site will ever receive, but we also want to do everything we can to ensure interested readers find them. Here are ways teams can increase readership of their featured article.

  • Have the team submit, like, share, and upvote the article on the major social networks.
  • Reference the article with a link on a blog, press page, or home page.
  • Consider purchasing a Sponsored Post for guaranteed exposure.

Can featured sites copy or repost the article in its entirety? <top>
Absolutely. Please attribute and/or link to SlapStart. Quotes, excerpts, or full reposts are welcome. We love seeing our content around the web. SlapStart Badges are available as well.

How many people write for SlapStart? <top>
We’ve had a handful of writers since our May 2009 launch. Typically we have a few main writers with an occasional guest writer.