SlapStart hosts the best and most creative startup reviews on the internet. Our reviews are both memorable and accurate representations of the featured startup. We liken them to Super Bowl commercials. They’re promotional in nature but everyone watches them since they’re creative and fun. Poetic features are posted every Wednesday.

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Founded in 2009 SlapStart has always been about startups. Our long-standing mission is to write the best and most creative review a startup will ever receive. We’ve worked tirelessly toward that goal having written over 500 reviews.

Initially the “Slap” in our name was to imply both humor – “slapstick” – and also reference the direct nature of some of our earlier posts. Sites might sometimes have felt “slapped”. We quickly moved away from that and have since featured entertaining and creative reviews.

Somewhere along the way we were forced to face the sad truth that some startups don’t make it. When we first feature a startup we categorize it as “Start”. When it decides to close shop or change significantly, it’s listed as “Slap”. The other category is “Sponsored” which are paid featured. The category is listed at the bottom of the feature. At some point we’ll add a visual cue for each.

In 2016 the creativity went up a notch. All reviews are now poetic expressions of the site. Be them funny, witty, or insightful, they are now, truly, the most creative startup reviews on the internet.


Our vision is to continue to write the best and most creative reviews on the internet. We are now seeking opportunities to syndicate SlapStart on other outlets, much like a comic would be. We envision it as a creative offbeat tech review that publications could lighten up their business rhetoric with.

We’re especially excited about our marketing services offerings which can give startups the help they need to succeed. Each feature makes us feel like a part of your team, if only for a few verses. We’re on your side and want to do everything we can to keep startups in the “Start” category.

SlapStart has always been a labor of love and a creative outlet. My other creative outlet is music. Check that out here StepheneGibson.com.

Welcome to SlapStart, and thanks for reading.