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You want an item, at the store
Nothing less, and nothing more
But the distance is, just too far
By bus or boat, canoe or car

You need a friend, to pick it up
And send it to you, by plane or truck
The store itself, will not ship
What to do, just let it slip?

How Parcl Works

Posting an ad, is your only hope
Still the answer, is likely nope
Unless of course, you’ve been told
Of a hip new service, called Parcl

Find someone, from across the world
To buy your goods, be them candy or pearls
Then off they go, to send them along
It’s so easy, you can’t go wrong

So if you need, something afar
It doesn’t matter, where you are
Parcl will bring it, to your door
It’s the local shopper, you’ve been waiting for

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