VideoBam: Video hosting heaven

Website owners are always looking for ways to embed video in their sites. The most basic method is to use YouTube.  Then there are a series of lesser sites each offering different versions of video hosting. YouTube of course comes with their watermark plastered across your video. Historically it also has bad quality. Many of these providers overlay ads on your videos. Others charge a monthly fee, eating away at your hard earned profits.

Including the best of all the video hosting service providers is VideoBam. First, it’s white label. Your video doesn’t serve as an advertisement for VideoBam. Next it comes with an API so you can integrate video uploads into your site. Finally, it’s free. With VideoBam there’s finally a way to get all the services site owners need out of a video hosting provider, at no cost.

VideoBam Home

Using VideoBam is simple. Users upload a video, it quickly processes, and then a series of sharing links are returned. These include a direct link to VideoBam’s page, a link to the thumbnail image, BB-Code thumbnail link, and of course the embed code. No user registration is required to use the basic functionality.

Registering for an account brings the rest of the functionality. This includes the ability to keep track of all your videos and configure various settings. Titles, descriptions, tags and URL information can be entered. The play button and the video duration can be displayed or removed. It also includes a series of thumbnails from which users can select one to represent the video. By default the video can be downloaded and shared, if desired. There are global permission settings that can toggle whether the download or sharing options are displayed.

The last part about VideoBam’s service is its API. This section more than anything sets VideoBam’s service apart. Site owners have the ability to seamlessly fully integrate video into their site. Their users can then upload videos which will can then be displayed, all without displaying VideoBam’s branding. For free.

VideoBam Video Profile page

Reading through the FAQ and terms of service tells a little more about the VideoBam’s free video hosting. The max video size is 500MB, all accounts have unlimited videos, and profiles and videos are private. Video pages are of course public, but are only shared by the user who uploaded them. After much searching our staff finally found the sole limitation. If unwatched for a period of 60 days videos are removed. This is more than reasonable. If a video isn’t getting any plays it’s no longer serving its purpose anyway. The TOS also includes language for paid accounts though none are officially offered on the site. Perhaps users will be able to purchase permanent storage of their videos. If this is the case then we’ll declare it to be the best freemium model we’ve seen to date. In any case their free services are tantalizingly enticing for any site owner.

VideoBam enters the online video hosting space with a fury. Given their audacity to offer so many services for free, they’re bound to become a leader in the online video hosting market. Entire companies base their business model off of charging for these services. It’s nice that video hosting is finally going the way of images where site owner can utilize free third parties services. VideoBam is leading the charge for next generation free video hosting.